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The Prelude

The Prelude
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NNCY: The Premise

We are all human, we feel and we see and we want to live a purposeful life full of confidence. It can be done and in many ways. But for us here at NNCY, we do it through clothes. We tell our stories, as much and as little as we please, using our bodies as the canvas and the material we drape ourselves in as the paint. It is never about who can be the loudest or brightest.

Rather it is whether you have been seen the way you want to be seen. Missed opportunities in life are common, regret not far behind. So it is part of our contribution to human art to create what we know to be the first step in confidence. Confidence in who you are is the remedy achieved in part by being able to present yourself. Let us not be naïve, there are social pressures as to how we should present ourselves.

But is does not have to be a burden when you are in control, when you decide. It is important to know that there are options when it comes to your appearance, embrace those options. NNCY want to give the rest of the world, as possible as it is, the chance to experience the personal sense of confidence we experienced by exploring those options. We present what we design using our interaction with people, culture and life.


 This is our method. We understand the way the simple act of dressing oneself can affect a multitude of other aspects inherent in being a human, namely communication and experiencing emotions. So join us as we pursue our passion for the fine art of fashion, design and workmanship expressed through clothing.


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