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Ethical manufacturing is a holistic approach to the manufacturing process that focuses on good health and safe practices for all involved. Upon starting the NNCY venture, we researched an array of manufacturers, watched a number of documentaries and decided that we could not subject anyone to unsafe environments.

This decision was one of the best decisions that we made. Not only were we able to produce our pieces in Melbourne but we were also able to have a hands on approach and be completely part of the process.

Ethical manufacturing is slower than other processes however, we wanted to ensure that the best measures were taken when it came to producing our garments for a culture that is realising the importance of being fashion conscious.

Our goal is to produce fashion that is not only on trend for our NNCY but to also ensure that it is done in the safest way possible, without any cruel or hostile conditions. Producing locally means that we are able to sustain employment within Australia and maintain a high level of ethically made goods!

To make an informed choice on ethical manufacturing here are some links that really spoke to us:
Netflix documentary, The True Cost

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