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I got 99 problems but being forced to work for nothing ain’t one

I got 99 problems but being forced to work for nothing ain’t one
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NNCY: The Vision

In many ways we thought that the increase in information today would create an accountability effect in the consumerism sector. The potential of social media to bring home the pain and suffering occurring in what used to be far away lands has been handicapped. There is never a time to accept injustice in the world, even more so since we, the blessed few, living in relatively comfortable conditions can make worthwhile contributions to ending vicious practices. Of topic is the fast fashion industry which is increasingly concerned solely with profit maximization. So lets talk about the importance of shopping local and becoming aware of the history of the items we consume.

Shopping local? What does all this really mean?
Access to amenities such as parks, stores, sports grounds or libraries are what turn a bunch of buildings into a thriving community. And sustaining communities in outer city areas is beneficial for the families who wish to work close to home, the environment, by reducing the quantity of pollution people drag into condensed cities and for individual development of people who might find being lost is a sea of people quite daunting.

When you choose to support local, the creators, artists and business people who benefit from your support find that they are no longer restricted in their choice of where to work. They are not pushed outside their homes in search of work. It is a reciprocal process. Communities remain populated and you will find that it is no longer necessary to be at the mercy of a busy and cramped city center. This is but a few direct benefits of shopping locally. But it does so much more than that, it creates a flow-on effect in a manner that disables industries that thrive on cheap labour and lazy employment condition policies.

Many will argue that those working in sweat shops are lucky enough to have a job, regardless of how many of their children are forced to work instead of being kids, or how many of their peers commit suicide as a result of hardship or how many of them are unaware of the beauty of the world outside their workplace. No it is not worth it. Every human has dignity and it should not be measured as less for any reason. In turn, if the vultures who pray on these, often foreign, working conditions get the message that their products are no longer desired because they were created in unjust arrangements, it would surely cause them to rethink their ethical practices. This is the reality, those companies can afford to pay their employees a decent wage but choose not to because they effectively get away with it and it makes them more money. It is not illegal to have a profitable business. In fact it is encouraged in order to support our respective economies from collapse. However, it should be considered slavery when you take advantage of the vulnerability of other people. There is an honest profit and then there is just ugly greed.

Know that we at NNCY are working around the clock to make this vision happen. A lot is said about the difficulty in changing the world but when you have witnessed the effects small steps can have you become all the more driven. We are in the process of launching new items that have a clean history- from the design process to the manufacturing and even the delivery process. We will do our best to continue to ensure no one suffers at any stage of our processes. That is a way of life that we would want to see in our own communities. If we are here as an ethical manufacturer, then be assured that there are other ethical creators and businesses around you working to make a concrete difference. Ask yourself: Do I want to contribute to an industry that destroys or do I want to build something beautiful? At NNCY we choose sustainability over widespread destruction.


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